May 19 2019

4 seat sports cars 2016 # Video

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4 seat sports cars 2016 # Video, REMMONT.COM

4 seat sports cars 2016

Best convertibles


The Mazda MX-5 Miata RF takes one of the most engaging convertibles on the road and adds a folding hardtop for more security, more insulation from outside noise and temperature, and a distinctive coupelike look.

If you love to drive and you’re looking for a car that makes you feel connected to the road, start your search with the Mazda MX-5 Miata. Lively and engaging, the Miata is a joy to drive at any speed. You’ll also like its fuss-free soft top and relatively affordable price.

Lively handling and seemingly endless personalization options make the Mini Convertible one of today’s most exciting small cars. But this Mini is also pricey compared to its rivals, and its athletic character comes with a bumpy ride.

The Fiat 124 offers drop-top motoring fun, but without much comfort or utility. The cramped interior, tight seats, minuscule storage space and noisy cabin are all problematic. Other convertibles in the segment provide more athleticism with fewer compromises.

The Buick Cascada promises to be a reasonably priced four-person luxury convertible. Unfortunately, under its sleek shell the Cascada is an aging vehicle that is not up to the standards of today’s market. It simply can’t compete in terms of price, performance, comfort, features or quality.

Luxury convertibles

The BMW 2 Series boasts exhilarating performance while fulfilling the expectations you’re likely to have of an entry-level luxury car. It delivers upscale features, all-day comfort and praiseworthy refinement.

The C-Class convertible is one of the top models in its class, featuring lots of optional extras, high-class interior details and sleek styling sure to catch almost anyone’s eye.

The luxurious and capable 4 Series convertible continues to acquit itself well, but some modern rivals have emerged to challenge its class-leader status.

The A3 convertible stands out for its well-rounded nature. It rides and handles with composure, accelerates briskly, has an upscale cabin and can be fitted with many premium features.

Luxury sport convertibles

With unique features designed to improve top-down comfort, engines that produce gobs of power, and a top-notch interior, the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class is the very definition of a luxury grand touring convertible.

The 718 Boxster solidifies the nameplate’s well-deserved reputation for sublime driving thrills. Outstanding handling, powerful engines and top-down fun put this convertible in the pantheon of the world’s best.

The drop-top Corvette is simply a blast to drive and a tremendous bargain. It demands some compromises, but they’re pretty easy to live with.

The Mercedes-Benz SLC is getting on in years, but it continues to deliver an agreeable blend of nimble handling and refinement, with the added bonus of a retractable hardtop.

Comfortable and cosseting it’s not, but if you like the idea of an elemental sports car with a tiny footprint and a visceral feel, the 4C might be worth a try.

Exotic convertibles

Exotic sport convertibles

Edmunds’ experts test 200 vehicles per year on our test track. We also test them using a 115-mile real-world test loop of city streets, freeways and winding canyons. The data we gather results in our ratings. They’re based on 30-plus scores that cover performance, comfort, interior, technology, utility and value.

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[MUSIC PLAYING] ALISTAIR WEAVER: Sports cars should be all about making you feel good. Our Edmunds editor’s choice for 2019 had a subtle refresh last year that made a simple, trusted formula even more compelling. It’s the Mazda MX-5 Miata. [MUSIC PLAYING] CARLOS LAGO: In a world of ever-quicker 0 to 60 times, the refreshingly pure Mazda Miata highlights the most important attribute of a sports car– fun. Miatas have always been available with a clever and quick-folding soft top. But the power-retractable hard top on this RF model adds a measure of security and style. Frankly, we’d take either roof. ELANA SCHERR: The Miata remains as nimble as ever. It’s an automotive tiny dancer. The updated and higher-revving 2-liter engine is delightful. And the manual shifter is so good you’ll change gears just for the joy of it. But the best thing about the Miata is that unlike most high-performance sports cars, it doesn’t require a racetrack to do its thing. You can have a blast in a Miata without risking your license. JONATHAN ELFALAN: With prices starting just above $26,000, it remains a good value. And it’s relatively inexpensive to upkeep, too. Sure, there are faster, more complex sports cars. But few, if any, are more fun. ALISTAIR WEAVER: Head to for a full review of the Mazda MX-5 Miata and to find a great deal near you. [MUSIC PLAYING]

2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata: The Best Sports Car | Edmunds Editors’ Choice

The Mazda MX-5 Miata won Best Sports Car for the 2019 Edmunds Editors’ Choice Awards because it prioritizes fun over everything else. There are faster and more complex sports cars out there, but few remind you of simple driving pleasure as readily as the Mazda MX-5 Miata.

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