Sep 30 2017

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Welcome to CAMA!

I consider it a privilege and honor to serve as your president. I take this position very seriously and will do my best to ensure that CAMA continues to grow and reach new avenues to serve our members and their agencies.

The CAMA Board and I are working on several changes to CAMA that will greatly aid CAMA in providing better services to you, our members. One of the most recent changes took place during our Professional Development and Training conference in Atlanta. We voted to change our name to Compliance and Accreditation Managers Association. This change was necessary due to the growth of CAMA and the expanded mission CAMA has taken to offer members the professional development and technical assistance training necessary to ensure our members receive the most current and up to date training available. CAMA now serves agencies involved in compliance management and accreditation through associations such as the American Correctional Association (ACA), the Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) and National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC), and the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA).

We (CAMA) are celebrating our 30th year of serving CAMA members. I hope you will join us next year as we celebrate 30 years of CAMA. We will be back in Nashville, TN where we held our 2nd conference. Make your plans to be there. The dates are May 20 – 23 of 2017 and we will be at the Embassy Suites. We will be sending out surveys to our members asking for suggestions and input in regards to the training topics we can offer. I can assure you that we will have the same great training along with some celebrating of our 30th anniversary.

If CAMA can assist you in any way, please feel free to contact me, your Regional Director, or any member of the CAMA Board of Directors.

Become a Member of CAMA Today:

Who / What is CAMA?

The Compliance and Accreditation Managers’ Association [CAMA], established in 1987, is a national organization representing professionals in both correctional and law enforcement areas as well as all related areas within the criminal justice system.

CAMA, a national affiliate of the American Correctional Association. is committed to developing a better understanding of the accreditation process by promoting correctional and law enforcement standards, and providing professional development and training as an avenue for communication and problem solving techniques.

CAMA also provides a network of professionals who work in the correctional and law enforcement field and are involved in compliance and accreditation who are willing to work with you to better understand and promote concepts and goals of accreditation.

CAMA is designed for:

  • Compliance and Accreditation Managers assigned with day-to-day responsibility whose facilities are involved in ACA, CALEA, NCCHC, or other accreditation processes.
  • Administrators and managers whose facilities are involved in the accreditation process.
  • Specialists whose jobs included the implementation of compliance and accreditation standards.
  • Individuals responsible for developing and writing policies and procedures .
  • Anyone, whether in the public or private sector, who is interested in learning more about the compliance and accreditation process.

CAMA would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our members, vendors, and to our host committee the City of Atlanta Department of Corrections for a successful 2016 CAMA Training Conference!

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