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Condolence Email – Samples & Condolence Email Writing Tips, condolence reply.#Condolence #reply

Sample Condolence Email

Internet has brought a major change in the communication sector. Now, you can easily connect to people in fraction of seconds. These days many people prefer sending condolence emails, as it is the fastest mode to communicate your message to the aggrieved person.

Though sending a hand written letter is much more comforting to read, there are times when condolence emails serve the appropriate purpose, especially when you want to reach out to someone immediately.

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Sample Condolence Email Writing Tips:

  • Informal email: Your email should not sound formal to the recipient. The best way to make sure that your email does not sound fake and formal is by reading it aloud.
  • Express your grievance: Let the addressee know how much are you grieved to learn about his loss. It is the essence of a condolence note, so do not forget to add a sentence of grievance in your email.
  • Mention special traits of the deceased: It is very important to mention good traits of the deceased in a condolence email. Always mention the name of the deceased person in this part of the email, as it gives lots of comfort to the person who is reading it.
  • Offer support: In hard times, a supporting hand means a lot. Hence, Offer your support and help to the recipient. If the help offered is specific then

Sample Condolence Email Template

Please accept my deep condolence on the death of __________. It is such an unexpected and sad news. From the time heard about the death of _______, I and my family have kept you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.

_________ was a gem of a person. She always displayed lots of love and happiness wherever she went. My heart goes out to you and your family. I know by God’s grace you and your family will pull through this sad demise. I share in your grief and will always keep you and family in prayers.

May _______ rest in peace.

_____________ (Your Name)

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Sample Condolence Email Sample, Email and Example/Format


I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your sister. Please accept my deep condolence on the death of your sister, Lydia. It has been a very shocking news for all us who know her. Lydia was a very charming girl with a rare mix of intelligence and kindness. She was a very good friend of mine.

I know you and your family might be shattered by her loss. Lydia will always be in my thoughts and prayers. I pray that God gives you and your family strength to endure through this time of need.

With all my sympathy and love,

Email Format

Condolence email is send to a person who has just lost his loved one. It is the faster way to convey your support and sympathy to the grieving person. The email must be short and written using very kind words. You can send the email in just one click and the receiver can read it whenever he wants.In this modern world of

In this modern world of internet no one wants to go to the post office to post the letter and also don’t want to wait for days for the letter delivery. So, email is the best way to send your sympathy to the grieving person. Here is the sample of condolence email written on the death of friend’s sister.

Please accept my deep condolences on the untimely death of your loving sister due to accident. It is really very shocking news for me and my family. She was very nice and cheering girl and we will always remember our first meeting with her.

I can understand the condition of your heart but I can only say you to keep patience and give strength to your family to bear this irrecoverable loss. Please tell me if you need any help.

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