Sep 21 2017

How to Write a Customer Complaint Letter #reply #to #wedding #invitation #sample

Customer Complaint Letter

A customer complaint letter is written to complain about bad service provided by the company. The letter describes how the customer is not getting value for the money paid as the service or product is not up to the mark. In the sample below, a customer is complaining about the poor quality of training given by the training institute. The customer has problems with the trainer and teaching methodology. The letter is direct and to the point. It clearly states the problem and facts in a concise manner.

This sort of letter has to use a soft and polite tone. The receiver should not be insulted through the letter. The anger and aggression should not come out through the letter. This type of letter helps the authorities in understanding your problems and they can try solving those. This letter is a useful document to fight a case if you sue to the company in the consumer courts.

Anthony Thomson
Finance Executive
G Soft Consultancies
6330 Brooklyn Boulevard,
Brooklyn Center, MN,
United States
(763) 503-3534

Date: February 12, 2009

Nancy Adams
Eve’s Training Academy
231 Pillsbury Drive Southeast,
Minneapolis, MN,
United States
(612) 625-5000

One of our employees, Sarah Parker attended your two day work shop on “Credit and Risk Management” on February 10 in Minneapolis. She was disappointed with the teaching methodology of the trainer and the content of the session. The outline of the course given on your brochure was all together different than what was dealt with in the training.

Your course outline gave four topics under the heading Risk Management but in the training only one hour was spend on what is the concept of risk management. Other points were not dealt in depth. The trainer was not in a position to answer the queries and doubts raised by the participants. That was due to sheer lack of practical knowledge.

Sarah traveled all the way to attend your session. She did not gain anything out of it. Your academy should refund half the amount paid as she did not attend the entire two day workshop. We need refund of $ 250 paid as a registration fee. With this letter, we are enclosing the photocopy of the registration for your perusal.

We had high expectations from the training. Those expectations were due to the large customer base and testimonials from prior customers. Now days, quality of your trainers and the entire management of your academy is degrading. You have to seriously look into it.

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