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University of Missouri

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Mizzou Law Electronic Resources: Accessing Databases

Get Help Accessing Databases

Mizzou Law Library Reference Desk

If you have any questions about whether the database you want to use is available to you, please contact the Reference Desk at 573-884-6362 or [email protected] . Cindy Bassett [email protected] | 573-884-9150 can help as well.

Electronic Resources

The Law Library’s collection of online databases can be accessed easily through the links on the tabs to the right. Databases are arranged alphabetically or by subject or publisher.

The MU Libraries Database page, which is managed by the Ellis Library staff, is the place to go to access the rest of MU’s online content.

Using Law Library Computers

There are 4 computers on the first floor in the Reference Alcove for outside patron walk-in use that provide access to a public version of Westlaw and other Law Library databases.

Students and faculty can use these and the computer lab on the First Floor. Use your pawprint and password to access them.

Accessing Online Databases

Law Only Resources

Some resources are licensed specifically for Law School faculty and students. Non-law school patrons may sometimes access these databases by coming into the library and using the resources at a public computer. If you have any questions about whether the database you want to use is available to you, please contact the Reference Desk at 573-884-6362 or [email protected]

Password Access Resources

Some resources require a password for access.

If you have lost your username and password, first try the “Forgot My Password” functionality first. If you still have trouble, call them. They really want to talk to you about this as you have the answers to your security questions.

  • Bloomberg Law – 1-888-560-BLAW (2529)
  • LexisNexis – 1-800-45-LEXIS (53947)
  • Westlaw – 1-800-WESTLAW (937-8529)

Cindy Bassett [email protected] | 573-884-9150 can help with the process as well.

MU Access Resources

Some legal research resources are available to all MU faculty and students.

To access these resources:

On Campus Access

If you are on campus, access is almost always through IP access. This means that the database will recognize your computer automatically if you are using a networked library or office computer. Students and faculties using laptops and Tiger WifF are considered to be “Off Campus.” See Mizzou IT homepage for information about Tiger WiFi.

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