Apr 13 2019

Russo insurance

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Russo insurance, REMMONT.COM

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  • RPO

    Here’s a shocker: Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) works. It’s better than a ShamWow, and way less annoying. And it just so happens that we’re better at delivering total RPO than anyone else in the world. There—we said it.


    While rare, the purple squirrel does exist. In the staffing industry, the purple squirrel is a phrase we use to describe the perfect candidate. Cynical people often use the phrase in a derogatory manner, as if to imply the perfect candidate doesn’t exist. Well, they probably don’t believe in unicorns, either—and we have one in our office.


    The best companies in the world use consultants—because they understand the power of expertise. Whatever HR challenge you’re facing, we’ve seen it a hundred times. We can probably name it within 15 minutes of sitting in your office, diagram the solution on a white board and still have time for a two-martini lunch (you’re invited).

    You know in your heart you could grow faster if hiring weren’t slowing you down. Isn’t that what’s keeping you up at night? And isn’t that why you’re here?

    Kinetix is a Recruitment Process Outsourcing firm (RPO) that leverages an integrated services model composed of total RPO, Staffing Recruiting and HR Consulting to ensure that your growth is never slowed by an inability to acquire and retain top talent.

    We’ve got the goods, and we want to share them with you today!

    Listen—we know your company is really good at what you do. Otherwise you wouldn’t be growing while your competitors are looking for cheap office space in the “warehouse district”… or whatever they re calling it these days to make people forget the neighborhood crime rate.

    But you’re not as good at hiring as we are. We promise. And we’re not talking about finding the frequently fired to fill those fancy new chairs. Kinetix is the best in the country at hiring great people, fast. And we want to play for your team.

    We get it—you’re a specialist. Like a violinist brought in to tour with Metallica, there’s not many people who can do what you do.

    You didn’t find a match in the jobs we’re currently working on? You’re special and Metallica’s not a client of ours—yet. We get new jobs everyday, so tomorrow we might just have your dream job! Don’t miss out when we have the job that will change your career.

    Complete your profile by uploading your resume today, and we’ll call you when a gig that demands your special skills comes up on our list!

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