Sep 4 2017

Sample Party Invitation Letter, Party Invitation Letter Example #no #reply #necessary

Sample Party Invitation Letter

Summary: Party can be of types one is peronal parties and other is social parties most of the people attend social parties. If you need to send party invitation then write this letter. A party invitation letter is a personal communication that can make important people know that you are expecting them for the event. A good letter contains all the necessary information about the party. If you dont know how to start that invitation letter then refer to the sample letter we have made for you.

101 Sunflower Street,

January 10, 2009

With great honor, we would like to request for your presence on this coming (Sunday), (15th January) at (3:00PM) for the (14th birthday of Jessica).

The venue for the said event will be at the (Victoria s garden restaurant) and dress code will be (casual attire).

We wich that you will find time for you to be present on the party. Please let us know whether you can or cannot join us for whatever reason. Contact me at my phone number as soon as possible.

Hoping to meet you in the venue.

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