Feb 24 2019

Mobile Device Management for the Healthcare IT Industry

#kaseya #mobile #device #management # Mobile device management in healthcare is on the rise. driven by a new generation of ever-more capable mobile devices, higher bandwidth and higher availability wireless coverage, and the demand from clinicians and patients for more convenient application access. This is an issue which is important to hospital CIOs and healthcare providers. Tablets and smartphones are very popular among healthcare providers and have redefined the doctor-patient relationship. While hospitals are allocating budgets for developing mobile medical applications, doctors and nurses are using mobile devices to keep track of patient records, discuss medical cases in online forums, …

Feb 16 2019

Increase productivity and profitability with mobile technology

#mobile #technology, #mobile #commerce, #mobile #marketing, #mobile #advertising, #mobile #banking, #mobile #ticketing, #gps, #bluetooth, #mobile #website, #mobile #app, #qr #codes Mobile Technology for Increased Productivity Profitability The demand for access to business information and applications through mobile technologies such as the Apple iPhone and iPad, devices running Google Android and Windows 7 Mobile or using RIM Blackberry is surging as consumer preferences and behavior spill over into the business workforce. The massive growth of adoption of these technologies around the world has many business managers wondering how to effectively position their firms to benefit from the trend. The drive for …

Feb 16 2019

ROAMpay Wireless And Mobile Merchant Terminal – Credit Card Processing, mobile merchant account.

#Mobile #merchant #account # ROAM pay Wireless Merchant Network Inc. 1330 Niagara Falls Blvd. Suite 204 Tonawanda, New York 14150 ROAM pay Wireless Merchant Processing ROAM pay is the newest and latest technology from ROAMData allowing merchants that are always on the go to convert their cell phone into a secure POS (Point Of Sale) terminal. With this technology, ROAM pay can quickly process electronic transactions, all over a secure network, regardless of their location. Not only can you do this from anywhere, you are also receiving the best possible transaction rate when you swipe the a credit card! ROAM …