May 19 2019

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#Us #election #results #2016 #pennsylvania Us election results 2016 pennsylvania How to Follow the Results on Election Day When it comes to hour-by-hour and, in some cases, minute-by-minute Election Day horse-race results, many political scientists say you’re better off avoiding it all. Close Twitter. Minimize your browser. Throw your phone in a lake. That’s partly because while day-of projections, which are based on voter-turnout numbers and historical voting patterns, are good at providing a glimpse into the right now, they often don’t reflect bigger-picture trends. For example, younger voters, who tend to procrastinate on getting to the polls, and blue …

May 17 2019

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#University #of #pennsylvania #location University of pennsylvania location Architecture: Summer at Penn AGES: 14 – 18 Project Description ARCHITECTURE: SUMMER AT PENN This program is based on the approach of Penn’s undergraduate architecture program. You will be encouraged to develop a unique creative process as you learn specific architectural design skills. Working with Penn faculty, you will experiment with different techniques and design tools and use the city of Philadelphia’s historic and modern architecture for inspiration. Offered by the University of Pennsylvania School of Design, the summer architecture program for high school students prepares you for college admissions as you …