Oct 13 2017

Cardiovascular Technologist Salary #cardiovascular #technologist #education #requirements

# Cardiovascular Technologist Salary Job Description for Cardiovascular Technologist Cardiovascular technologists provide support and help to a doctor in the diagnoses of adults and children with heart problems. Some of the procedures the cardiovascular technologist will encounter include EKG monitoring, stress test monitoring, and pacemaker monitoring. The cardiovascular technologist must troubleshoot any problems that come up with the testing equipment and fill out the appropriate paperwork for repairs. The cardiovascular technologist also frequently works with engineers from the cardiac department to make sure the testing equipment is working properly. The cardiovascular technologist will also be responsible for the training of …

Sep 30 2017

National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Medical Technology #medical #technologist #certification #programs #online

# Certified Hyperbaric Technologist Training and Certification Why a CHT Training Program? Throughout the first half of the last century hyperbaric (recompression) chambers were located at the site of diving operations. They were rarely associated with or within a medical facility. Chamber operators were drawn directly from the diving team, either those divers not scheduled to enter the water or technical support personnel. By the early 1960’s hospital-based hyperbaric medicine programs were becoming commonplace. This was in response to emerging research that identified additional therapeutic benefits associated with breathing hyperbaric doses of oxygen. At this point, it became necessary to …