Apr 14 2019

Toronto Drug Rehab

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Toronto Drug Rehab, REMMONT.COM

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Addiction Rehab Toronto provides comprehensive addiction treatment for individuals and families suffering from substance abuse, behavioural problems, and their resulting issues. Our unique and specialized programs have been designed to equip our clients with the necessary tools to successfully lead lives filled with dignity, respect and purpose.

Individualized Holistic Approach to Recovery

Each treatment program is catered specifically to the individual. We treat the whole person, not just the addiction.

At Addiction Rehab Toronto, a premiere addiction treatment facility in Toronto, we offer a diverse range of drug and alcohol treatment options for addiction and dependence. Our addiction recovery treatment programs are created to heal both our inpatient clients and their family members. By employing a holistic approach to treatment and treating the whole individual, our experienced team of experts will you or your loved one are equipped the tools required to overcome your addiction, repair broken relationships, and sustain a long term recovery.

Addiction comes in many different forms. Just a few of the most common types of addiction that we treat here at Addiction Rehab Toronto include alcohol addiction, cocaine addiction, opioids addiction, prescription drugs addiction, amphetamine addiction, and marijuana addiction, amongst many others. Our carefully curated staff of addiction treatment professionals will provide the support required by a client and their family members during this difficult time.

When it comes to successfully treating addiction, each case will require a unique approach. Addiction Rehab Toronto is dedicated to locating the right treatment solutions for each client who walks through our front door. This is why we conduct a comprehensive assessment of each individual who arrives on our campus, including their family members. The assessments of family members and the individual are conducted separately to ensure that each party is able to speak openly and honestly, without restraint.

The assessment is used as a foundation for creating an individualized treatment plan for the initial inpatient recovery and for the client’s long term care. Each customized treatment plan we devise will encompass traditional addiction recovery techniques, in addition to multiple other we use that are designed to address the cultural, social, and spiritual needs of each of our clients and their family members. Each client’s treatment program will be monitored and adjusted as needed throughout their stay and during the aftercare phase.

Addiction Rehab Toronto saved me. My life wasn’t going anywhere good until I walked in the front door. All of the counselors and my peers at Addiction Rehab Toronto were amazing and truly welcoming. I made some amazing friends and met some great mentors in recovery. I called Addiction Rehab Toronto home because it really did feel like home for me. Walking in those doors was and is the best decision I’ve ever made in my entire life. Addiction Rehab Toronto is an amazing and a wonderful place to begin a new life worth living.

I have to say I was really nervous and anxious prior to beginning my 30 day journey at Addiction Rehab Toronto Treatment Center. To my surprise, I felt welcomed, comfortable and relieved within my first few days at the center. The staff, environment and program was great! The other residents and I formed a family bond and I knew from just my first week that I was in the right treatment center and my recovery was off to a great start. I am forever grateful to Justin and all those who helped me get through the tough challenges that recovery can bring to an addicts path.

Addiction Rehab Toronto gave my son a new beginning. Their abstinence-based program provided a safe, non-judgmental environment for my son to unplug and do the necessary work to understand his addiction and to get excited about a drug-free future. The staff at Addiction Rehab Toronto is understanding and compassionate; the facility is clean and comfortable; and the possibilities are endless. Thanks to Justin and his staff, my son has the opportunity to do everything he is meant to do.

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