Feb 24 2019

Agentless Cloud Backup Architecture

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Agentless Cloud Backup Architecture

Asigra Cloud Backup™ requires no agents, which makes it inherently easier to install and support than legacy backup and recovery solutions.

Old school agent-based backup and recovery solutions require software to be installed on each host server that you want to back up. Using agents with either a tape or a disk-to-disk (D2D) product directly impacts system performance, data security, recoverability and costs. And if you have ever worked with them, you know that agent management gets complex, cumbersome and can consume large amounts of time.

Even in a modest-sized environment, agent management can get extremely complex when an administrator is forced to deal with different operating systems and revision levels. The complexity of agent management is further complicated by the growing number of software packages that also require agents running on the same host servers, or what is also referred to as “agent pollution”.

With traditional agent-based backup software one has to follow the steps to perform backups:

Take an inventory of the applications and servers that need to be protected on the customer’s LAN

Share it with the partner/vendor/Service Provider (Disclose network information)

Ensure the configuration is accurate and buy the appropriate number of agents

Buy additional agents when you add servers, applications and databases

Upgrade all agents each time there is a hot fix or new version of the agent based software

Application disruptive – servers with hot fix or new version of the agent software need to be rebooted

With Asigra there are no agents installed for each machine or application that needs to be protected, instead it reaches out over the network to back up operating systems, file systems, and applications, using industry standard programming interfaces. Eliminating the security risks associated with agents.

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