Oct 29 2019

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Deere stock-At John Deere, your ideas, experiences, and values matter. And, you’re rewarded in ways that matter. Why work at John Deere? Why work anywhere else?

Why John Deere

Why anywhere else?

If you strive to do great work, excel in creative environments, thrive in teams, and live for problem solving — this is the place for you. At John Deere, your ideas, experiences, and values matter. And, you’re rewarded in ways that matter: through opportunities for career growth; through experiences in an inclusive, diverse culture; and, yes, through outstanding compensation and benefits programs. Why work at John Deere? Why anywhere else?

No matter who you are — what race, what religion, what gender, age, disability, or sexual orientation — you are welcomed at John Deere.


Meet some of the John Deere employees and find out why they love working here.

Employee Resource Groups

At John Deere, we recognize Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) as a global competitive advantage to accelerate business results. Our ERGs are defined as company-sponsored, employee-run organizations formed around a common dimension of diversity, interest, or experience that affects the workplace. John Deere ERGs serve as resources to the business, while also bringing together individuals with shared interests. Their efforts address three key focus areas – employee, community and business.

Multicultural/Ethnicity Employee Resource Groups

The Multicultural/Ethnicity Employee Resource Groups promote the value that all of our cultures bring to the organization through education, community support, and cultural events.

  • Quad Cities Black Employee Resource Group
  • Quad Cities Community of Latinos Offering Resources & Support (COLORS)
  • Quad Cities International Cultural Exchange
  • Dubuque Multicultural Awareness Group
  • Johnston Multicultural
  • Quad Cities LOTUS (Asian / Pacific Islander)
  • Madison Multicultural Employee Resource Group
  • Raleigh (Cary) Multicultural
  • Thibodaux Multicultural Employee Resources & Global Expansion


The WomenREACH Employee Resource Groups work to create an enriching business environment that enables women and men to reach their full potential at John Deere.

WomenREACH provides a diverse network of individuals an opportunity to work together and understand one another. Programming provides members with practical experience to improve skills, learn business acumen, become educated about Deere’s products and customers and work on events that impact our greater community.

Common Interest

The Common Interest Employee Resources Groups are organized around an area of interest that affects the workplace.

  • Quad Cities Military
  • Quad Cities New & Experienced Organization Network (NEON)
  • John Deere Financial Military Network
  • Dubuque New & Experienced Organization Network
  • Parent & Caregiver Connection
  • Rainbow Resource Group (LGBT & Allies)
  • Women in Operations
  • Teleworkers Unlimited
  • .EDU

Excellence is in everything we do

The Mission

Staff Engineer at John Deere – Augusta, Sam Flood, talks about the John Deere mission. Spoiler alert. It’s all about excellence.

Innovation at John Deere

Everyday, John Deere spends nearly $4 million on research and development.


“I grew up in a farming community and my extended family farms. I was surrounded by John Deere throughout my life. John Deere represented high quality, integrity, and longevity. The decision to work for John Deere was simple. Why wouldn’t I choose to work at John Deere? After 18 years as a John Deere employee, I am still glad that I made the decision to work here.”

“I have been employed with John Deere for 18 years. I have spent over 15 years recruiting at various universities and national conventions. I enjoy sharing with our students all the opportunities available at John Deere and the impact our company have on society. I also enjoy seeing the impact the recruiting teams have on creating a diverse and inclusive work environment.”

“Due to my husband’s career (outside of John Deere), we have had to move 6 times in 10 years. This meant me requesting the opportunity to telework for John Deere, which I have successfully done for 7+ years! If John Deere did not offer flexible work arrangements, I can’t imagine what my resume or my career path would look like.”

“The employee passion for our customers and the John Deere brand has always impressed me. It has always been clear to me that the leadership team at the John Deere prioritizes volunteerism. As the Cary Office United Way Campaign Co-Chair, I witnessed countless examples of leadership participation in volunteerism – consistently donating both time and money to an organization that makes a huge impact in our local community.”

“The best part of my job is I truly protect our brand. I am a member of the Trademark Law Group and I handle prosecution matters for Region 3 and Region 4. It’s been a truly rewarding experience for me. I am truly honored and blessed to work here. I definitely will be retiring from a great company.”

“It’s great to work for a company that supports you on a multitude of levels and allows you the freedom to innovate employee driven programs. Volunteers from other companies are amazed at the level of commitment shown by Deere’s employees and by the amazing benefits our company offers. Citizenship and development are just two of the reasons I work for John Deere.”

“My career with John Deere has taken me through many different functional areas, and yet developmentally I have gaps that I do not have an opportunity to improve in my present role. As an individual contributor, I would like to take on a management role in the future. Without supervisory experience, that next step is difficult. By being a leader in WomenREACH, I am able to get leadership experiences that close gaps and help me to grow in my career with John Deere.”

“My life goals have come true. I have a family I can take care of, working for the best company I had grown to love my whole life. My community work is encouraged and rewarded by the company. I have pride working on all of the great equipment. And I have purpose, knowing that my work each day makes our customers linked to the land successful.”

“As a new employee and as a mid career hire, John Deere has been a welcoming breath of fresh air! I enjoy collaborating with different functions in the company and with individuals from different backgrounds and experience. I look forward to a long and successful future with John Deere!”

“I have worked at John Deere for 18 years, and helped recruit at national conferences for over 10 years. When I first started, the landscape for recruiting top talent within our organization was changing and we needed to find other ways to attract that talent. I am thrilled to be able to provide support through recruiting and mentoring of students in order to grow the next generation of agricultural leaders.”

“Having 21 years with John Deere my goal in the beginning was to work for a great company. One of the best things about Deere is the pride we put into our efforts to satisfy our customers demands and needs. The surprise on the first day continues many years later and that is the company and employees’ willingness to succeed. The best part of the job besides our loyal customers is working with great employees daily.”

“In my first internship, I expected to learn how to brew coffee and make copies. That expectation was blown away when I spent the third day of my internship driving a bulldozer. I loved the hands-on parts of the work and found out that I thrived when given a project that I could own. That kind of experience was worth so much more than a paycheck. I went back to school energized and excited about what I was going to accomplish.”


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