Oct 29 2019

Donate table to charity

Donate table to charity-Donate table to charity
Donate table to charity-Since OPC 2.0.285, we added a special feature into OPC, which allows you to add a paid checkboxes into the checkout. You can use them for Charity, Product add-ons or any other case that you can imagine. These special checkbox products can be shown either

Donate table to charity

For the best experience with VirtueMart we recommend also these third party extensions

(Dutch Payment Processor)

USPS, UPS and Fedex extensions for Virtuemart

For complex and customizable import and export features for Virtuemart we also recommend:

Stripe Payment for Virtuemart and OPC

AusPost Plugin compatible with our OPC

PHP7 Compatible

One Page Checkout and all OPC Extensions are php7 Compatible

PHP 7.3

PHP7.2 is recommended for all Joomla 3 and Virtuemart 3 implementations with up to date versions. Mysql 5.7 is performance recommended. PHP7.3 is recommended for best performance on the very latest software versions.

Renewal Discount

20% Discount

All customers that would like to renew our OPC subscription that now includes a bundle of all of our plugins and modules can use coupon code


Change currency

OPC Latest Updates

19.9.2017 IMPORTANT: Joomla 3.8 was just released and due to the core changes, it requires OPC 2.0.346 and later that can be downloaded at our download section

14.9.2017 Get your checkout ready for Christmas with upgraded OPC Order Tracking functionality which is now processing Paypal transactions even when IPN comes after user lands the Thank you page

10.8.2017 Added a full implementation of Facebook Pixel tracking to OPC Tracking feature

30.4.2017 Updated Ajax search to support VM3.2.2. We also did many improvements in Google Tag Manager tracking and Google Analytics tracking. Please note that Joomla 3.7 may require you to re-update your language files from Virtuemart official download page.

3.10.2016 Many feature updates to Ajax Search Pro which now supports ordering per your custom priorities. Added lots of new plugins into OPC installer where you can easily pair Google Categories with your Virtuemart Categories and use this in Google or other feeds. Added new “tab plugin” where you can add Tab display to product details with unlimited (16M) product descriptions or specifications. Added new product quantity restriction plugin where you can configure maximum quantity per customer address and each product.

22.6.2016 Added quantity drop down support when for products with quantity steps. Demo here.

12.2.2016 MOSS and EU VAT calculation support within a new calculation plugin included in OPC bundle. No shopper groups are now needed to get all your EU taxes calculated properly including shipping and payment fees. Over 200 hours of developemnt and about 40 accounting VAT cases handled. MOSS EU VAT rates are fetched from Google Drive.

2.11.2015 Major updates to new OPC plugins – OPC now supports your professional numbering of your orders or invoices. The order number now can be shared with invoice and you can choose any format that fits your own rules as you’d like.

17.7.2015 Major update for OPC’s Shopper group features with lot’s of updates in OPC EU VAT checker. Lot of of OPC related plugins are now bundled in the single OPC installer file (ajax search pro, ulozenka shipping method, mailchimp and other)

17.3.2015 Added new Checkbox products, so you can add a checkboxes to your checkout which will alter the totals. This can be used for Donate to Charity or Product add-ons. We also added Field dependece, so you can use Business fields logic on any OPC theme with a checkbox, dropdown or a radio. OPC 285 was tested on VM3.0.6, VM2.6.14 and VM2.0.10

21.2.2015 Due to the many changes in new Virtuemart 3.0.6, we suggest an OPC update to version 282 and later. Installation of VM3 with it’s tar.gz packages is strongly not recommended due to an underlying bug in Joomla 3.3.6 and below.

19.1.2015 A major update to support the new EU Tax scheme with OPC EU VAT validator (it includes a returned token from official EU Vies service, proof of address from EU Vies or IP to country shown at VM order details), this version includes Google Tag Manager tracking which is capable of tracking product views, cart views and order events under virtuemart.


Donate table to charity


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