Mar 5 2019

Most Affordable Online Master – s Degree Programs in 2017

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Affordable Online Master s Degree Programs in 2017

This is part of a four-part series that focuses on affordable online education, specifically online colleges and various degree programs. Other articles in this series cover the most affordable online colleges in general, affordable online bachelor s degree programs. and affordable online MBA programs. We hope this series can help guide people who are looking for a quality education online without breaking the bank.

Choosing an Online Graduate Degree Program

Online graduate programs are ideal for working professionals looking to further develop their skills in a particular area or to advance in their chosen career. Tuition is more expensive for these programs than for online bachelor s degrees, but there are still plenty of cheap online master s programs out there if you re looking to get a quality education from home.

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Nursing, education, information technology, engineering, and business degrees are some of the most common graduate degrees offered online. In fact, technology and engineering degrees are among the most desirable degrees to employers in 2016, according to a study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. Not every school is going to offer all of these degrees, but if you’re looking to advance in any one of these fields, you shouldn t have a problem finding an online program that has what you re looking for.

In order to get more specific with our rankings, we broke down the most affordable online master s degree programs by the most common graduate degrees. We also chose one school as the best overall online college to get an affordable master s degree.

All-Around Most Affordable Online Master s Degree Programs

Sam Houston State University is home to the single best selection of cheap online master’s programs anywhere. Graduate tuition at the school is only $245 per credit for online students, ranking among the most affordable rates available for graduate programs of any kind.

On top of the low tuition, Sam Houston State University also delivers some of the best quality online programs in the country. The school performs very well in U.S. News World Report’s annual rankings of online graduate programs, which includes hundreds of schools across the country. In 2015, Sam Houston State placed 7th, 28th, and 69th in rankings of graduate IT programs, education programs, and business programs, respectively.

Sam Houston State University offers about 25 online master’s degrees altogether, including subjects such as criminal justice, public administration, history, digital forensics, and library science. While there are certainly many other quality online colleges worth considering, Sam Houston State should top your list of potential schools if you’re looking to pursue a graduate education online without breaking the bank.

Online Master’s Programs Details

Affordable Online Master s Degrees in Nursing

Online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) programs are perfect for working registered nurses who want to advance into specialist nursing positions. Most MSN programs offer several concentration options to choose from, including subjects such as nursing administration, nursing education, nursing informatics, and family nursing, among other options. While few online colleges offer a full selection of concentration options, you should be able to find a quality school that offers an affordable online master’s degree program in nursing to match your career goals.

Here are the five best online colleges for affordable graduate degrees in nursing:

Charging just $318 per credit for in-state and out-of-state students, Georgia College State University has one of the nation’s least expensive online nursing programs. It’s also one of the best: The program is ranked 18th best by U.S. News World Report. faring particularly well in ratings of faculty credentials and student engagement. Students are able to choose from online degrees in family nursing (FNP) or nursing education (MSN). The school also offers an online doctorate in nursing practice (DNP).

Online Nursing Program Details

Affordable Online Master s Degrees in Education

Master’s degrees in education are one of the most popular graduate degrees to earn online. These degrees offer working teachers a great opportunity to develop new practical skills and pursue career advancement.

Most online colleges offering graduate education programs have several degrees to choose from. Common options include educational administration, adult education, special education, instructional technology, and curriculum and instruction.

Here are the five best online colleges for affordable online master’s degrees in education:

Lamar University offers one of the country s best selections of affordable online master’s degree programs in education at just $235 per credit, for both in- and out-of-state students. Choose from several different degree subjects, including educational administration, school counseling, special education, and several teacher leadership specialties. The top-40 program gets solid rankings for faculty credentials, student services, and student engagement.

Online Education Program Details

Affordable Online Master’s Degrees in Information Technology

Online master’s programs in information technology, or IT, make up one of the fastest growing areas of online education. Today, more than 15 different IT subjects are available in a quality online format. The major categories include information systems and networking, information security, software development, and information technology management. Most graduate IT programs are practical degrees designed to help you develop the specialized skills you need to advance in your career.

Here are the five best online colleges for affordable graduate degrees in IT:

Sam Houston State University is home to some of the most affordable online graduate programs in information technology, charging just $245 per credit. It’s also the 7th-best online program in the nation in 2015, according to U.S. News World Report.

If you’re looking to work in information security, one of the fastest-growing fields within information technology, Sam Houston State University is hard to beat: The digital forensics program prepares students for careers in law enforcement, while the information assurance and security program prepares students for work in commercial and government settings. There are also degree paths in computing and information science as well as geographic information systems.

Online IT Program Details

Affordable Online Master’s Degrees in Engineering

Online master’s degrees in engineering are not as common as online degrees in some other fields, but there are a variety of good options for interested students. Master’s degree programs in electrical engineering, civil engineering, and software engineering are well-represented online. Many other graduate engineering degree subjects are available in a hybrid format that requires students to complete some degree requirements on campus. The engineering master’s degree programs described in this post don’t require any visits to campus.

Here are the five best online colleges for affordable graduate degrees in engineering:

Charging only $250 per credit, more than $100 less than any other school, the University of Arkansas easily ranks first among the most affordable online graduate programs in engineering in the country. It’s also a quality program, ranked in the top 30 online programs by U.S. News World Report.

Choose from two degree programs: The general engineering program offers students the chance to design a curriculum that matches their career goals. Courses are available in many engineering subfields, from mechanical engineering to biological engineering.

The online electrical engineering program focuses specifically on the design of electrical energy systems and their component parts, including motors and generators. The curriculum includes courses on large-scale power systems such as local and regional electrical distribution grids, as well as small-scale systems such as those found in hybrid and electric cars.

Online Engineering Program Details

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