Feb 16 2019

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Michigan

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  • We have won MILLIONS OF DOLLARS for Michigan Bikers
  • We have put this proven winning law team to work for you
  • Jason Waechter is a Michigan motorcycle injury lawyer, representing injured bikers is virtually all we do
  • We settle 97% of our cases
  • Named to the Top 100 Lawyers
  • Experienced Trial Attorney: Recent $2,000,000 Verdict . a County Record

When We Win for YOU
part of our earnings go to

Bystander Medical Assistance Course, taught by our Firm’s very own EMT

Motorcycle Accident Prevention Campaign

Multiple billboards throughout the state reminding drivers to watch for motorcycles

Bumper stickers reminding drivers to “WATCH FOR MOTORCYCLES”

DVD: Secrets Every Biker Must Know

Supports “The Miracle League”

Sends Holiday Gifts to clients

  • Does Michigan’s No-Fault apply to motorcycles?
  • How are the medical bills handled and paid for?
  • Who pays for the damage to my motorcycle?
  • How much time do I have to file claims?
  • How do the attorney fees work?

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Michigan Motorcycle Accident Lawyers: do not settle without discussing your case with us first. We’re the top motorcycle accident lawyers in Michigan. Any biker injured in a motorcycle crash needs to talk to an attorney, make it the best. Make it The Motorcycle Lawyer sm .

On the Motorcycle Lawyer sm of Michigan s home page you’ll be able to navigate our webpage. This site helps Michigan motorcycle accident victims learn their rights and duties under Michigan’s no-fault law and Michigan’s motorcycle law.

Jason Waechter has been known as THE Motorcycle Lawyer sm in Michigan for going on 20 years now. This website educates the motorcyclist/user about many things motorcycle related. For example our website has Michigan’s motorcycle laws and an explanation as to how to insure their motorcycle properly so that the Michigan biker is protected.

Our Helping the Michigan Biker Community page explains how part of all of our attorney fees having to do with negligence cases where motorcyclists are injured goes to our accident prevention campaign which includes billboards and bumper stickers. We are proud to have put over 1200 Michigan motorcyclist through our Bystander Assistance Courses, taught by Debbie, our firm’s paramedic.

As far as Michigan motorcycle events are concerned: our website is the most inclusive listing of biker events around. Our staff is updating it daily so it is the place to go for Michigan motorcycle events.

Another page that we have added in the last year or so is our Event Photos page. You can visit this page to find photographs of you and your friends that have been taken at recent Michigan biker events such as the giant motorcycle swap meet, Blessing of the bikes, Gibraltar trade Center gatherings and similar events. Feel free to copy or download your picture for your personal use.

Our blog page is of interest to many Michigan motorcyclists because it keeps you up-to-date with new gear that has come out recently, motorcycle laws that are being introduced, our motorcycle sweepstakes winners, motorcycle safety concerns, and just about anything else motorcycle, including unusual or typical motorcycle crashes.

Our biker swag or Free Stuff page allows you to request bumper stickers, our biker book, our Biker Discount Card and a DVD entitled Secrets Every Biker Must Know. At the bottom of this page is a list of over 100 vendors that will give Michigan bikers a discount if they show our firms plastic biker discount card. Another useful number on this card is a total truck company s name and number that specializes in towing motorcycles. They have special equipment that keeps the motorcycle upright and secure while in tow. Typically they use a flatbed tow truck when transporting your motorcycle. That company is Gosh Sons Towing 1-800-707-9800.

You will see in every page that we have a short form where you can fill out a questionnaire to have Jason Waechter himself, THE Motorcycle Lawyer sm. call you or advise you as to your rights after a motorcycle crash.

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